Feature Stories

Stacey Nellen-Kolze: Compassionate Service, Valuable Resource (October '16)

Peggy Prebelski: A Closer Look at the Pro Shop (September '16)

Dede Heid: Made for Music (August '16)

Kim Molitor: Financial Focus (July '16)

Dedicated to Women's Health (June '16)

Strength of Sisterhood (May '16)

Nicole DeFranza and Kristen Sickler: For the Love of Food (April '16)

Kate Green: At Center Stage (March '16)

Dawn Christensen and Brittany Voigt: Dynamic Duo (February '16)

Kaela Gedda: Matters of the Heart (January '16)

Jackie Larsen:  Journey to Wellness (January '16)

Women's Fund:  Empowering Women and Inspiring Girls (December '15)

YMCA Women: Sherri Valitchka, Sue Pawlowski and Amy Albright (November '15)

Mary Schmidt: Savvy Entrepeneur, Singer and  Survivor (October '15)

Packers Women's Association (September '15)

Maria Van Laanen: Center Stage (August '15)

Melissa Schmidt: Building Confidence (July '15)

Donna Gehl: A year of milestones, a decade of hard work (June '15)

Allyson Watson: De Pere Proud (May '15)

Mary Beth Leopold: Leader, giver, believer (April '15)

Dr Beth Medford: Caring for tiny hearts (Mar '15)

Michelle Jerabek: Musical mama (Apr '15)

Miranda Paul: Telling stories and inspiring children (Feb '15)

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