5 Members of the Board of Directors: Packer Power Ladies


There are plenty of female football fans out there, especially Green Bay Packers fans, although there are a few ladies who have the ultimate honor — to serve on the Packers board of directors.


Of the 43-member board, seven are women. These ladies come to the board with a variety of skills and expertise, each contributing something special to better our beloved green and gold.


This issue, we are honored to highlight each of these women, the experiences they bring to the board and what they enjoy most about their unique position.



Members of the Packers board of directors are selected by the Director Affairs committee. Board member Susan Finco explains nominees come in a number of ways: recommendation, self-nomination or they are sought out.


“There is always a long list of qualified candidates to consider and choose from — the list is retained year to year,” she says. “In general, the committee looks at skill sets and what is needed on the board, as well as the candidate’s community and business involvement.”

Those selected are put up for a vote at the annual shareholders’ meeting.


Board members serve three-year terms and can be re-elected until age 70, which is the mandatory retirement age. After that, they become emeritus members of the board.


Finco explains all board members serve on committees, acting as resources and providing direction to the organization. “I think it’s safe to say that all of us on the board feel a sense of duty and responsibility to ensure the organization remains viable, financially healthy and a contributing member of the community as well as the state of Wisconsin,” says Finco.


Finco is also a member of the Executive Committee — the only female serving on this seven-member committee. Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy is a member of the Executive Committee along with other business leaders.


“We’re responsible for the overall strategic direction of the organization and the major business decisions for the organization,” she adds.

The board of directors meets several times a year, while the Executive Committee meets monthly.



Legal expertise, medical knowledge, military service and business experience — the seven women on the board of directors each bring something special to the Packers organization. Marcia M. Anderson has over 36 years of military service, achieving the rank of Major General in the Army. Anderson has had the oversight of an $8 billion budget and the management of more than 200,000 soldiers and civilians. She also has over 30 years of service with the United States Courts.


Anderson is currently a trustee for the Green Bay Packers Foundation, which provides grants to support community organizations. As an attorney, Ave M. Bie has managed large organizations that have been subject to high levels of public scrutiny. She serves on the Directors Affairs Committee.


“Our goal is to provide assistance to the board in identifying qualified individuals to become directors,” says Bie. “In addition, we are responsible for reviewing the performance, qualifications and independence of existing board members in advance of the time they would stand for re-election.”


Valerie Daniels-Carter has more than 35 years of business acumen. She brings large multi-state, multibrand organizational skills in the areas of marketing, strategic planning and financial management to the Packers organization.


Daniels-Carter also serves as a board member and trustee for the Packers Foundation. “My goal is to assist as requested in order to ensure

the continued success of the organization,” she adds. Finco offers her public and community relations experience. “As the only team in the NFL without a deep pocket owner, we take our commitment to our shareholders and the community seriously. As a PR professional, and a business owner, I hope I can share my skills and expertise, as well as sound counsel, in those areas,” she says.


Finco serves on four committees: Executive Committee, Personal & Compensation Committee, Packers Foundation and Directors Affairs Committee. Beverly French has 35 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. She serves on the Community Relations Committee.


“My personal goal is to bring the ideas, needs and wishes of the community to the Packers organization. We ensure the community, whether or not they attend a game, is involved in the organization,” says French.


She explains as board members, they are responsible for verbalizing the community’s vision of what they want the Packers to be.


Diane Roundy brings marketing and public relations experience and a community perspective to the board. She serves on the Community Relations Committee. “The committee is meant to be outward-looking in nature with the purpose of complementing the Packers Community Outreach department’s efforts in the community,” says Roundy.


Elizabeth Trowbridge is a physician at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. She explains as a physician, she is able to be a resource as the NFL focuses more on head injuries and concussions as well as domestic violence. And, because her grandfather served on the Executive Committee years ago, Trowbridge is able to bring history to the organization.


She serves on the Community Relations Committee. “Our goal is to keep the Packers connected with the community,” says Trowbridge. “We also work with events surrounding our Packers Alumni. Finally, we reach out philanthropically and give support in the form of grants and Packers products to the community.” w



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