A Closer Look at the Packers Pro Shop: Peggy Prebelski

Ask any local football fan, and they’ll tell you the Green Bay Packers are No. 1. And as it turns out, green and gold enthusiasts aren’t mistaken.


According to Peggy Prebelski, director of retail operations for the Green Bay Packers, the Packers Pro Shop flagship store is the top in the NFL for sales. Fans across the country proudly wear Packers attire and deck out their man caves with unique Green Bay merchandise.


To support the ever-growing love of our hometown team, the Green Bay Packers Pro Shop decided to undergo an expansion. After approximately one year of construction, the new Pro Shop opened in July 2014.


“The expansion was motivated by the great support we have from our fans and their interest in expanded lines of merchandise. It was also fueled by the Packers’ dedication to delivering the best fan experience possible. We think we’ve accomplished that here,” adds Prebelski.

The retail space more than doubled, going from 9,000 square feet to 21,000 square feet. Prebelski explains the Pro Shop offers a broad range of merchandise at various price points. She says, “Our collection of kids’, ladies’, men’s and extended sizes are unsurpassed.”

In addition to the clothing, the retail space features drinkware, tableware, kitchen accessories, wall décor, electronics, sporting goods, pet accessories, games, home and garden and more.


Approximately 600,000 to 700,000 people come through the Packers Pro Shop in a year’s time. Prebelski explains each fan is looking for something a little different, although caps, T-shirts and jerseys are at the top of the list. “Our sideline apparel is one of our most sought-after categories where fans can wear the same items that players and coaches are wearing,” she adds.


To make the Packers Pro Shop a success, it takes a strong team. There are buyers, shop employees, a warehouse crew, individuals to handle the website and more.


“Our buying team purchases year round for our store and our e-commerce business,” says Prebelski. “Our e-commerce team is directing our new website, packerproshop.com, from web ads, emails and social posts and our TV commercials.” The warehouse team receives all merchandise and manages it from check-in to distribution.


“It takes a team of dedicated employees that service our fans in the store and our call center, purchase products, operate our warehouse and manage our website and media touch points. Each role is extremely important in making the entire Packers Pro Shop run efficiently and fluidly,” adds Prebelski.


Prebelski joined the Packers organization 12 years ago as a seasonal employee. She’s grown within the organization and now oversees the Pro Shop. She has a management team to support her efforts, including Deb Kuhn, store manager.


Kuhn is responsible for store operations, including handling the fan experience, budgeting, staff development and overseeing capital projects. Assistant store managers Lisa Treichel, Andy Bomske, Tim Hodek and Darren Lohr are responsible for merchandising, customer service, initiatives, staffing, managing financials and the overall game day experience.


The Packers Pro Shop employs between 250 and 280 employees in season and approximately half that in the off season.


Prebelski offers a closer look at her experience with the Packers and a typical day in this Q&A:


Q: Tell me a little about yourself.

A: I have been in the retail business for more than 30 years, which has ranged from store management, training employees, buying, operations and human resources.


I grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and moved within my career to several cities throughout the state and landed in Green Bay. We have been here for the last 25 years. I worked part-time for a number of years while raising children and came upon the Green Bay Packers at a job fair and was looking to pick up another part-time job.


Q: How have you grown within the Packers organization?

A: I started part-time with the Packers, and became full-time a few years later as the customer service and training manager. I was able to hire and schedule for all parts of our business from the store, warehouse and oversaw the call center. It was a great opportunity to get a pulse on the entire business as my role touched them all. I have been the director for the last year and a half. I learn something new every day and there is never a dull moment! We have a great team of strong leaders with a lot of talents who make my job easy.


Q: What are your job responsibilities?

A: My role oversees the Pro Shop brick and mortar store as well as our concession (novelty) stands, kiosks, Game Day Store and suite delivery that we operate on game days. I am able to travel a little bit with our buying team on some of their trips to purchase new and unique NFL-licensed merchandise. I also oversee our website, which our e-commerce manager led our team to a new and improved packersproshop.com site. Many people do not realize we have another building (our warehouse) that supports our receipts that come into our store, supports e-commerce and handles our fulfillment processes and call center staff.


Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: A typical day is fast moving and it seems like a lot of meetings that involve our year-round business. Whether they involve our current business or planning for future development we interact with many other departments to keep consistency and strive for excellence throughout the organization.


Q: Tell me about being part of the Packers organization.

A: The Packers are an amazing organization to be a part of. We have an incredible fan base and have a true understanding that Lambeau Field is on so many people’s bucket lists across the country. We not only meet people across the country, but across the world who come and see us. We have a group from Europe who recently emailed to say they were coming to visit and would like to meet! This is a true adventure

and highlight to be here whether you are a fan or an empl oyee.


Q: What do you think is one of the most fun items sold at the Packers Pro Shop?

A: The Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews face masks are always fun. We have so many unique items — something for every personality. w





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