Being a Lady Isn’t Only About Being Dainty

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Enjoying a meal with family and friends might mean eating with your mouth wide open or putting your feet on the table. However, it’s another story if you’re attending annual business meetings or going to a fancy restaurant. You’ll have to maintain your elegant and attractive personality. Educating yourself about proper table etiquette will allow you to enjoy your dining experience with grace and sophistication.

It’ll also ensure professional success. Developing these manners will always make you and other people feel comfortable, not uncomfortable. Here’s a guide on how you must act when you’re out of the house, even if you’re with family or friends.

Putting Butter One Bread at a Time

If the waiter serves a dinner roll, only tear off one piece at a time. Individually butter each bite. But modern-day diners only opt for convenience, in which many choose to butter an entire slice at once. That’s the case when waiters serve bread. Many people into low-carb, gluten-free, and keto diets already forgot about this manner.

Letting Women Pick the Menu First

Before, dining establishments used to prioritize the ladies before the gentlemen. But it’s a different case in this modern era. Gender isn’t a determining factor anymore, unlike in the past. Many waiters serve dishes based on a guest’s position on the table and the order they come out of the kitchen. It’s one of the qualities that changed over time.

Only Eat When Everyone Gets Served

If you’re on a fancy date or in a formal dining situation, make it a habit to only your meal when everyone’s else orders arrive. It’s common courtesy. But you can immediately dig in when you’re with family or friends, especially if you ordered a steaming hot meal. This habit will not be applicable if you’re at home because most only prepare quick-fix meals.

Leaving Your Napkins on the Chair

You can’t avoid excusing yourself from the table. If you need to leave your spot at the table, leaving your napkins on the chair is only fitting. Today, diners tend to place their napkins on the table, usually next to their plates. Many who still believe in the value of following these table manners encourage other people to educate themselves about the correct placement of their wine glasses, forks, napkins, and other items.e

Expecting Men to Shoulder the Bill

In the past, men always pay the bill. No further questions asked; however, women are more than willing to split the tab, pay for themselves, or entirely pay for everything in this modern age. Hence, you shouldn’t assume that the other party is or isn’t paying based solely on gender.

Waiting to Season Your Dishes

It’s a table manner that shows respect to the chef. You should learn to wait before putting a few seasonings on your dishes. Take a bite before doing that. Many diners still have the habit of seasoning their meals when it arrives at their table, but it’ll be hurtful if you immediately add a dash of salt or pepper to your meal.

Knowing How to Serve the Dishes

Have you noticed how waiters serve your dishes? Most servers learned to clear out empty plates on the right and serve dishes on the left. But most dining establishments don’t follow that practice due to the lack of space, especially if one of their customers is against the wall or in a romantic nook. Modern-day servers started to serve dishes on whatever side is accessible.

Using the Same Spot on a Glass

Using the same spot on your glass minimizes the chances of leaving lip marks. Try to hit the same place when taking a sip. Many find this table etiquette funny because it’s only applicable if you wear lipstick and because no one will pay attention to your glass during the party.

Wearing the Appropriate Clothes
woman wearing blue sleeveless

Modern-day diners don’t have to worry about following an establishment’s dress code when they want to dine in. only a few restaurants still ask men to wear suits and ties before getting in. Today, comfort is more important while eating in.

Asking to Be Excused Afterwards

During childhood, you had to ask permission to leave the table once you finished your meal. But many kids nowadays are free to leave whenever they want. It’s also rare to see families eat together, so most kids end up eating in the car, in front of the television, or their rooms. If your family still tends to eat together, unite everyone with a few exciting topics. For example, you can ask your children about their day at school.

Ordering the Same Number

Before, it was a practice that each table should only order the same number of courses, not each diner. However, you now have the power to order as many or as few courses as you want. You can even request an appetizer as your main course.

You often go to a restaurant where you should show your good table habits or manners from time to time. If you’re in a formal setting, many expect you to establish good table manners like not talking with your mouth full, holding the knife in your right hand, or not putting your elbows on the table. Follow this guide if you still feel lost.