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I’m getting some little signs of spring, even if they are in our house! B.K. (before kids), I took painstaking care of bonsai plants and had 30 or so all around my home. I lovingly sprayed them daily, fertilized and pruned them. I belonged to the Bonsai Society that met in the basement of the Menasha Public Library once a month for tips and planting ideas. We were a “nerd herd” for sure! Surprisingly, to me anyway, it was mostly men, and they took their bonsais very seriously.


Nineteen years later, only one bonsai remains. The constant attention needed was directed to the “squeakier wheels” – our three daughters. They grew a lot faster than the bonsais did. About 10 years ago, I found another flowering plant that didn’t require as much tender loving care: orchids! They all have buds or flowers this month, after being dormant for a few months, and I think their timing is perfect. They all sit in front of the kitchen windows looking out into the snowy backyard. They are the stars on the stage, and the snow is the backdrop for them. They make me smile, and sometimes remind me of bonsai buddies.


Thanks for opening up Women magazine today. This issue features Tracey Robertson from Oshkosh on the cover, whom I enjoyed meeting immensely. We are featuring stories on home building, remodeling and decorating. There’s also the Brown County Home Builders Association Parade of Homes schedule inside. We have some money saving and financial ideas, and two stories dealing with memory care and caregiving. There are several other stories I hope you enjoy as well!


I hope this issue warms you up, maybe even by interesting you in joining a running club. God willing, spring will arrive in Northeast Wisconsin before we know it!







Leslie Asare



Green Bay|Appleton|Neenah/Menasha|Oshkosh|Fond du Lac

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