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the New Year is still young, and I hope it’s not too late to share one of my 2020

mantras: Hustle Harder. I believe it can apply to all of us some days, even to kids. To all the high school juniors studying for the ACT exams: Hustle Harder, keep studying, and do your best! To the high school seniors choosing a college: Your hard work is about to pay off and then the Hustle Harder starts all over again in college! It’s the circle of life.

Of course you, as a parent or student, employee or retiree, can relate to Hustle Harder.

We’ve been doing it for years! We all know that we can’t just hope and pray for our

dreams to come true; we have to work hard for them. Those two words sum up that

whole process for me.


For 17 years our cover lady, Jennifer Stephany, has been working hard for Appleton

Downtown Inc. It’s definitely been working out well for both of them. I think you’ll enjoy

reading about her perspective of how and why downtown Appleton is flourishing.

In our Home Issue you will find stories on fixture styles for your home, housing

trends in northeast Wisconsin right now, a story on the first female UW-GB Chancellor

and lots more!


Let’s get ready for March!


Leslie Asare



Green Bay|Appleton|Neenah/Menasha|Oshkosh|Fond du Lac

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