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''As within, so without.” This quote from ancient Egyptian and Greek wisdom texts kept surfacing as I prepared this special Beauty issue of Women magazine. To me the words

are a reminder of how wellness and beauty intertwine. The way we present ourselves to the world can be a reflection of our inner peace and confidence.  On the flip side, if your outside doesn’t match your words and actions, beauty becomes superficial.


This issue has you covered inside and out. We have tips from experts on how to make your skin beautiful in a piece by Meghan Diemel. Writer Laura Broullire shows us how to add beauty to our surroundings to create a relaxing outdoor space in “perfect patios.” And Amanda Renkas interviewed two yoga instructors in the area who offered suggestions on how to find more beauty and peace within – be it through cooling breathing techniques

or by taking your yoga practice onto a stand-up paddle board. Here are a few of my favorite practices for inner and outer beauty. Meditate daily. Five to 10 minutes counts! Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and focus on your natural inhales and exhales. A mantra such as “so (as you inhale) hum (as you exhale)” or “breathe in love, breathe out love” can help keep your thoughts from wandering.

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