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Fall is like “the calm before the storm” of the Christmas holidays to me. It’s fun walking the dog in the mornings right now because every day we see something new: big spider webs, new leaf colors, people starting to wear jackets again. New family routines have been established here with the firstborn away to college, and I’m still feeling her absence even though the remaining two daughters keep me plenty busy. College is one thing – someday it’ll be weddings. Even though I’ve been married for 20-some years now, I always enjoy reading and learning about new wedding ideas, and we are covering two trends in this issue. I hope you enjoy hearing about them from some local sources.


Breast cancer is a big topic in the month of October, and there are always new things to learn as local medical advances are thankfully being made. We’ve been covering breast cancer for over 10 years in Women magazine, and one thing I believe is that Northeast Wisconsin is blessed with local experts who care about fighting cancer. We’ve got three stories relating to breast cancer in this issue that I hope you find valuable.


Everybody’s going through something every day and whether it’s big things like cancer or weddings, or small things like car problems, we wish you perseverance and joy to keep on moving on through this life.

                                                                            See you next month!






Leslie Asare



Green Bay|Appleton|Neenah/Menasha|Oshkosh|Fond du Lac

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