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Have you noticed how quiet it was outside in winter and when spring came along

the neighborhood became a lot louder outside? The birds are a-twitter, and I’m

working on identifying birds by their chirps (I’ve got the cardinals and mourning

doves down pat). I pay attention more than I used to — or maybe I should

say I talk less and listen more these days. It helps me learn what my teenagers are up

to, tells me how their Jeep is running when it drives up, and lets me know if Charlie,

the dog, has something he shouldn’t. When I get together with others at business functions or with friends, I prefer to talk about them — or even politics or religion — anything other than myself. The truth is I’m 50-something years old and don’t want to

talk about myself. I know who I am by now, and I like to hear what others are up to and

learn from them. I also think I’ve had to sharpen my senses to survive with 3 teenagers!


I bet our cover lady, Linda Maxwell, is a good listener. She has mentored so many

kids and adults in her life, and I think you will learn some interesting tidbits about

her in this issue. If you also want to get moving, we have an article on tips for walking

and running. Now that your taxes have been filed, we have an article on smart money

management for next year. In addition, we have ideas for preventing hearing loss, and

if you’re looking to find out what area poets are thinking and talking about, we can help

you there too. Those are just a couple of our stories from this issue, and I hope you

check them all out.


It’s a little too early to stop and smell the roses, but I hope you have time to notice

some of the feathered friends around you who are welcoming the warmer weather in



Thanks for picking up Women magazine!




Leslie Asare



Green Bay|Appleton|Neenah/Menasha|Oshkosh|Fond du Lac

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