Dressing Professionally in the Office: How Do You Do It?

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The pandemic left many people stranded in the home, confined inside to work endlessly in front of a computer screen. This gave many opportunities to skimp on things like getting ready for work because no one will see you while working. And even when you are called to attend a virtual meeting, you can always get away with just prepping the upper half of your body that will be seen on camera.

But now that many businesses are calling their employees back to the workplace, you might have to get back to your regular work preparation before the pandemic started. Here are a few reminders to keep you nice and presentable before you return to your office.

The best dress choice is your personality

The most important part of looking your best in the workplace is maintaining a good attitude and personality while interacting with coworkers and customers. No matter how nice your hair and clothes look, people will avoid you if you seem like you hate interacting with others. So try to look more approachable by maintaining a welcoming vibe, being respectful while speaking, and doing your job well above all else.

Stick to your style but be appropriate

Appropriateness is important when dressing for a business environment, but sticking to your fashion choices can help to boost your confidence at work. So you should always know the culture of the office you are in to better suit your attire with the rest of your coworkers. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb but also not fade into the background completely. Try to find a compromise between the dress code and your style to keep your individuality without breaking any office rules. This can apply to your clothes, shoes, hair, and makeup.

Back to regular prep routine

Even when you still have to wear masks outside while working, you should get back to your facial routine as more people will start interacting with you. Skincare should be prioritized to minimize the risk of developing “maskne”¬†or acne from wearing facial masks. Lipsticks and glosses may be skipped for a more nourishing tinted balm, but your teeth should also be maintained for when you take the mask off. Dental treatments like veneers, dental replacements, or teeth whitening can be arranged early for a gleaming smile in time for the post-COVID-19 years to come.

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Wear something tailored

The best clothes that you can wear are the ones that fit you perfectly. Clothes that are too tight or too loose can make you look sloppy and unprofessional. You want people to see that you care about how you present yourself, so always be conscious of the fit of your clothes. Of course, you can buy pieces that look good on you. But sometimes, it can be difficult because of unique body proportions, so you have the option of getting clothes tailored specifically to your measurements.

Comfort over glam

Looking beautiful is something that many women will strive to do even when the process towards it is painful. Some will wear heels that are too high for them to handle, others will wear tight clothes that restrict their movements, while others even go under the knife to achieve a certain level of attractiveness.

While these are all fine if you want to do them, it is also acceptable to put comfort before beauty. You can wear lower heels, less makeup, and more comfortable clothes to be more efficient while you are working. Beauty doesn’t always have to be painful if you look from a different perspective.

Think of colors

Colors can emit certain feelings and thoughts on the viewers. For example, brighter colors like yellows and reds can scream energy and happiness, while blues and greens can bring peace and calmness. Depending on how you want to be viewed and the job you have, the color of your clothes and accessories should be managed to avoid sending the wrong message.

It is crucial to suit your style choices for the event that you are in to continue making good impressions, but remember that you can always dress however you like. Your uniqueness is always welcome because it can make you feel more comfortable and motivated to do your job.

As long as you are not distracting or interrupting others or breaking company rules, feel free to express yourself through fashion statements. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. And because the pandemic is not yet over, everyone needs to be careful by upholding pandemic safety measures of wearing masks and maintaining social distance. After all, being safe is more important than being fashion-forward.