Attracting a Younger Workforce: What Does It Take?

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The huge number of jobs available in the market has made it challenging for businesses to find employees, especially young adults. Employing young adults allows businesses to develop future managers who can help the business grow.

Young adults also bring a new perspective to businesses while dealing with the challenges of economic uncertainty due to the pandemic. But attracting young adults is easier said than done. Due to this, businesses should take into account the following ways to bring young talent into their fold.

Promote Company Culture

Businesses should promote their culture to make the business appealing to young adults. But before doing so, they should make sure it is a place where young people can have fun and share innovative ideas. Businesses should highlight their involvement in social issues since the younger generation advocates for these causes.

So, businesses should highlight their values and the causes they support. This plays a significant role in the recruitment efforts of businesses looking to attract young adults. Promoting the culture of the business also ensures their future employees know what they are getting themselves into when they work for the business.

Showcase Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is important to reduce the stress that employees feel at work. Since the pace of life has increased in recent decades, businesses need to allow their employees to breathe. This is particularly true among employees who have families. Businesses should allow their employees to spend quality time with their families.

When businesses offer a suitable work-life balance, they should showcase this to potential employees. Even though monetary remuneration plays a factor in the employment of young adults, they also look for companies that offer a balance between work and their personal life. Businesses should implement programs and policies to promote this and make themselves appealing to young adults in the labor market.

Offer Non-Monetary Benefits

Aside from a good work-life balance, the younger generation also looks for businesses that offer non-monetary benefits. The current pandemic highlighted the importance of health insurance, which is one of the things young adults look for in a business. Offering paid time off is also another appealing option that will make the business appealing to the younger generation.

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Businesses should also offer retirement benefits to entice younger employees to stay with them. In this situation, businesses should work with defined benefit scheme specialists to prepare their retirement plans for their employees. The uncertainty of the economic situation highlights the importance of working with these professionals. These professionals should have the skills to help businesses grow their investments to benefit their employees in the future.

Create a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment is another way for businesses to attract younger talent into their fold. Many companies offering these types of work environments focus on ensuring their employees are happy, which increases their productivity.

Aside from a positive work environment, offering flexibility also helps businesses attract younger employees. Flexibility reduces stress and improves the health of employees. It also reduces absenteeism in the workforce. Additionally, younger adults prefer working for companies that offer flexible work schedules.

Provide Career Paths

Providing growth opportunities can also attract younger prospects who plan to rise in the company’s ranks. Even though many people consider young adults as job hoppers, many like to join companies that provide a brighter future for them.

Around 87 percent of millennials consider growth and development opportunities important when looking for a job. So, businesses that aim to attract younger employees should outline the career paths that potential employees can follow when they stay with them for a long time.

These career paths should include mentorship and training programs to prepare their employees for their growth within the business. Promoting qualified employees also reduces the cost of hiring and training new employees.

Offer Better Job Security

Businesses should also find out what young adults look for in a company they want to join. Aside from flexibility and career opportunities, some young adults also look for companies that provide job security. When the pandemic started, many people lost their jobs after businesses closed due to low revenues.

The situation resulted in increasing anxiety among workers about their job security. While these events are beyond the control of businesses, they should prepare for them to ensure they stay afloat in case something similar happens in the future. This will increase job security for the employees of businesses.

Hiring young adults increases revenues due to the fresh ideas they offer to the business. This makes it important for businesses to know how to convince these young adults to work for them.