25 Best Garden Gifts for Mom in 2023: A Detailed Mother’s Day Gift-giving Guide

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  • A good gift has to be useful, thoughtful, and personalized
  • To pick the best garden gift for mom, learn where she likes to garden
  • There are two types of gardening presents: aesthetic and practical
  • Great presents for an outdoor garden are a tool belt, a garden chair, and gloves
  • Great presents for an indoor garden are a terrarium, mini gardening tools, and portable potting trays

Have you been searching the web long and hard, contemplating what to get your mom for Mother’s day? Is all you can think of that she loves gardening, but everything beyond that is just a blank?

So, what to get a mom who loves gardening?

Luckily, we’ve got some ideas in the bag. Here, we love moms and mom presents, and we’re especially fond of garden lovers, so we can totally help.

This article is a deep dive (dig?) into the best garden gifts for moms, so stick around! We promise you’ll find the best gift for your mom by the end of it. You’ll also learn a thing or two about gardening!

Okay, time to get our hands dirty!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas: What Makes a Good Gift?

In order for any gift to be considered a good gift, it has to meet certain expectations. In short, it has to be useful, thoughtful, and personalized.

This may seem simple, but it’s a foolproof formula that works every time. It’s especially useful to understand when you’re buying for someone as important as your mom.

Let’s get into the thick of these categories and explain what they mean.


First and foremost, your gift has to be useful. Don’t get something just for the sake of aesthetics that will end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.

Instead, it’s best to get a present that has a purpose. This way, your mom will get something she’ll actually use and think of you every time she does!

Moms love being reminded of their kids, so you can see how this is the right way to go.


Some say the thought put into a gift is half the gift itself, and we believe that’s true.

A gift that doesn’t correspond with the person’s interests is just another useless thing in the house. You don’t want that, especially not for your mom. Instead of grabbing whatever, take the time to actually think about it.

You’ve already covered this by knowing your mom’s favorite hobby is gardening and searching for a related gift, so congrats!


Now that you’ve found something useful that matches your mom’s interest, it’s time to personalize it. Personalizing a gift is basically just joining the first two categories together and sprinkling some custom spice on top.

You already know your mom loves gardening, but you can’t get just her anything gardening-related. You have to pick something that corresponds with her gardening habits and needs.

Then, you need to make sure the thing you choose is in sync with her style and wants. Personalization is maybe the hardest part of gifting, but it’s also the thing that makes all the difference.

Because of that, we’d like to expand on it a bit further. Don’t worry, though. We’ll talk specifically about gardening presents!

What to Get a Mom Who Loves Gardening: The Types of Gardening Gifts

Now that you know what type of gardener your mom is, we can move to gardening gift types! We’ve divided them into two categories for easier handling:

Aesthetic gardening presents are more unique gift ideas. They may not be able to be used in her everyday gardening, but they will enrich her space! Aesthetic presents are the sweet spot between useful and thoughtful gifts.

It’s usually best to get one practical and one aesthetic gift. That way, you’re covering all bases!

Think of things like a t-shirt, custom pots, decorative plant markers, wall art, signs, and so on.

Practical Gifts


Practical gardening presents can be any tools, pots, and seeds your mom can use in her day-to-day. These presents have to be both quality-made and likable. A practical gift is easier to find, but you’ll need a lot of research to pick the right one.

Think of things like pruning shears, expandable hoses, containers, seedlings, soil, and so on.

Garden Gifts for Mom: Know Your Plant Parent

To be able to personalize your useful and thoughtful gardening gift, you need to know the kind of gardener your mom is. Usually, there are two types of gardeners, and your mom falls into one of them:

Outdoor Gardening

If your mom lives in a house and gardens in the backyard, she’s got green thumbs for outdoor gardening. Gardeners like her will often grow both food and flowers/plants, so this opens a lot of gifting possibilities.

Indoor Gardening

If your mom’s gardening is predominantly happening inside, she’s an indoor gardener. No matter if it’s because of space or preference, your gift will have to be able to be used for indoor gardening.

An indoor gardener often grows plants and spices/herbs but rarely vegetables or fruit.

Gardening Gift Ideas: Best Gardening Gifts

The perfect gift won’t come easily to you. So, instead of brainstorming, we did the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll see that we’ve divided the top Mother’s day gifts into three categories. We have outdoor and indoor gardening gifts and gifts that work for both!

This way, it will be much easier for you to find precisely what you’re looking for. Let’s get into it:

Top 25 Gardening Gifts for Mom

No matter if she’s growing veggies outdoors or a lush flower garden indoors, your mom will surely appreciate these presents! Check out our selection, and remember to choose two – one aesthetic and one practical gift!

Outdoor Gardening Gifts

Here are the 10 best gardening gifts for mom and her outdoor garden:

Gardening Tools


This is one of the simplest yet most useful garden gift ideas out there. We’re sure she’ll love an updated tool set! Make sure you’re buying tools from a renowned manufacturer that will last her a long time.

Garden Tool Belt

You just can’t have tools without having a good belt to carry them! The garden tool belt you get has to be well-made, sturdy, and hold everything she needs. It also needs to be in a pretty color she likes!

Hummingbird Garden Kit

This kit will bring not only color but also new life into your mom’s garden! Hummingbird kits come with a variety of seeds for flowers and everything you need to plant them.

Gardening Gloves

A pair of good gardening gloves can really help your mom reach every nook and crevice. There are so many colors, patterns, and materials out there, so you have plenty to work with!

Garden Basket

Remember all those vegetables and herbs we talked about? A garden basket will help your mom harvest them! Going with a well-made, natural garden basket is usually the right way.


Why not get a pair of good garden shoes? You can opt for clogs, boots, or something similar. Just make sure they’re comfortable and, more importantly – water-resistant. Whether it’s winter or summer, it always gets muddy in the garden!

Hose or Watering System

A good hose can be a game-changer when it comes to the garden. A nice watering system is also a great idea, especially if your mom has a lawn or lots of greenery.

Garden Seat

Perfect for the older moms out there, garden seats are basically comfy chairs on wheels. They also have storage space she can use to carry stuff around the garden!

Garden Sign

Let your mom tell the world about her garden through a custom-made sign! You can either order it or create it yourself. Make sure to decorate it with flowers, seedlings, pots, and all that good stuff.

Decor Items

Final on our Mother’s Day garden gifts for mom list are decor items. These can be anything – from gnomes and flamingos to eco-friendly lights and art pieces. Make sure to pick things that match your mom’s style and garden!

Indoor Gardening Gifts

Here are the 10 must-have presents for the indoor green thumb mom:


house plants

Instead of seeds, get some houseplants! We’re sure there’s a place in her garden for one more. Before you buy it, make sure it’s a plant that can thrive indoors and isn’t too demanding to take care of.

Indoor Herb Garden

She’s going to love this one if she’s been looking to expand her experience! Herbs are aromatic, tasty, and useful, so you’ll be giving quite the present! Indoor herb gardens can either contain seeds or come already planted. Choose herbs you know she likes.

Mini Tools

Instead of big garden tools, get her a set of elegant ones she can use in her home pots. Extra points if you customize them with her name or favorite flower!


Many plants don’t like watering all the time and are more of a misting type. In this case, a professional misting tool can save the day!

Smart Garden

Although costly, smart gardens can really up your mom’s indoor gardening game. Perfect for growing everything, but especially veggies, a smart garden is the present for the eco-conscious mother.


Terrariums are a great, easy way to add more greenery to a garden. They require no effort but look amazing and are super fun to observe!

Bug Catcher

Lots of plants can also mean lots of bugs that come to have a taste. To save her some trouble, you can get your mom a bug catcher! This is an especially great gift if she’s growing plants that are fragile or rare.

Mini Greenhouse

If she has the space, we’re sure she’ll love a mini greenhouse! It will help her grow things faster, as well as house plants that need more moisture and warmth to thrive.

Portable Potting Tray

Put an end to her repotting in the sink with a portable potting tray! Easy to use and store, potting trays are super handy garden tools.

Plant Watering System

Through a plant watering system, your mom can make sure her plants are watered even when she’s away from home. No more worrying whether the ferns will be dry when she comes back from vacation!

Gift Ideas for Both

Finally, we have a list of 5 gift ideas that work for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

  • Seeds storage tin. Seed storage tins are both useful and decorative. They’re a real lifesaver when you have to handle multiple packets. To add a finishing touch to the gift, you can include some non-GMO seeds!
  • Soil. Soil comes in handy both indoors and outdoors. No plant-lover will ever turn down a bag of good dirt!
  • T-shirt or cup. A t-shirt or a cup with a garden-related quote or drawing will surely win your mom over! This is one of those presents that will make her think of you every time she uses it.
  • Personalized flower pot. There’s nothing like a cute flower pot to beautify any garden out there! A good idea is to include her birth flower or add a lovely quote.
  • Gardening books. If your mom loves to read, she’ll adore a garden-related book. Get something that’d be both interesting and useful to her!

What to Get a Gardener for Mother’s Day: Final Thoughts

We hope you found our tips regarding garden gifts for mom useful. We’re so excited to give you ideas that don’t involve more candles or another bouquet of flowers like every year!

After all, Mother’s Day is all about honoring your mother for who she is and letting her know you care. We think that these personalized gifts for mom will do the trick.


What to get a mom who loves gardening?

If your mom has green thumbs, you should get her something gardening-related that could be both useful and interesting to her.

What flowering plants do most moms like?

Roses, carnations, and lilacs are some of our favorites. They’re a popular gift-giving choice but also the perfect addition to a home garden.