Plus Size Maternity Swimsuits

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  • There are three types of plus-size maternity bathing suits: the monokini, bikini and tankini 
  • Plus size swimwear should range from size 14 to 34 or above XXL
  • The right maternity swimwear should make a pregnant woman feel comfortable and beautiful 
  • The best materials for maternity bathing suits are spandex, nylon, and lycra 
  • Some of the best plus-size maternity swimsuits, like the Summermae and Temprotrek, are available on Amazon. 

Every pregnant woman has a hard time finding her ultimate maternity swimwear. Since all bodies are different, what fits perfectly on one pregnant lady can look unflattering on another.

Each woman deserves to feel beautiful, especially growing a human. Because everything seems so tiny, plus-size maternity swimwear is more than necessary. And with summer just around the corner, expecting mothers should have a plentiful choice regarding plus-size maternity bathing suits.

If you think that nothing fits you anymore, and can’t locate the right bathing suit, take a look at our suggestions below. But before that, do you know what a plus-size maternity swimsuit is?

Plus Size Maternity Swimsuits

A plus-size maternity swimsuit is a bathing suit meant for pregnant ladies who are plus-size. This includes monokinis, or one-piece swimsuits, and bikinis, known as two-pieces. Pregnant women usually wear a monokini because the fabric can support the ever-growing belly while covering up the critical parts.

Plus-size maternity bathing suits should range from size 13 to 34. However, you can always know your size with a swimsuit chart.

Many pregnant plus-sized women start showing much later on than expected. So, using your old swimsuit might be a better choice before purchasing a new one. If you have a monokini, it can probably stretch to cover your belly as it grows.

A nice piece of advice before buying a new plus-size maternity swimsuit is to buy one that’s two sizes bigger. This will help accommodate your changing shape, and you won’t feel squeezed in your bathing suit.

What Are Maternity Swimsuits?

Maternity swimsuits are bathing suits for pregnant or postpartum ladies. Usually, maternity swimwear covers up the belly area and protects it from heat or cold. Besides monokinis and bikinis, pregnant ladies can wear a tankini.

The tankini is created for maximum support as it covers and shields the bump. Besides bump protection, proper maternity swimsuits should have bust support. Apart from the growing belly, pregnant women also grow in the chest area, which can be straining on the back.

The top picks when it comes to maternity swimsuit fabric are ribbed or seersucker. This helps with fast-drying the swimsuit when you are out of water. The right maternity swimwear will also have adjustable straps and tops.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable while wearing it. Whether in or out of the water, the maternity bathing suit needs to fit like a glove.

What Are Plus Size Maternity Swimsuits?

maternity swimsuits

When you are just entering motherhood, maternity clothes should be a pleasure to choose. Being plus-sized can make this difficult because of the sometimes limited choices. Women who are pregnant and typically wear a size 14 or above are considered plus-sized by the fashion industry.

Plus-size women often have to shuffle through different stores to find the perfect swimsuit. What fits one small-statured pregnant lady isn’t enough for many plus-sized pregnant women. Sometimes, these women have to turn to a menswear store because they carry a wider range of sizes and options. This is why plus size maternity swimwear is introduced into stores now more than usual.

Unfortunately, there’s a lack of styles when it comes to plus-size maternity swimwear, as well as colors. A plus-size maternity swimsuit should have sizes ranging from 3XLs upwards. It should flatter your body type, support the bump and bust, and have adjustable straps and tops.

The fabric should be very stretchy, so look for bathing suits that are made of nylon, spandex, and lycra. Look for bikinis that are easy to take off since pregnancy and numerous trips to the bathroom go hand in hand. Proper plus-size maternity swimwear should be super-elastic. This means the bra cups or shelves should be built-in and molded to fit any bust size.

Finally, the right plus-size maternity bathing suit will have an affordable price. This means that the swimming costume should be versatile, and you can wear it after pregnancy. Some pregnant women have a hard time taking the baby weight off, so a pricey but quality maternity swimsuit can be worthwhile. This means you can also wear it the next summer or style it with other tops. For instance, some tankini sets have shorts that you can easily mix with other bikini tops.

How Maternity Swimsuits Benefit Plus-Size Women

There are numerous benefits to plus-size maternity swimwear. They make all pregnant women feel comfortable no matter their size. Since swimming is one of the best activities you can do while pregnant, a suitable swimsuit is a must.

Besides flattering the bump, a plus-size maternity swimsuit should make pregnant women feel stunning. This means that there should be a selection available when it comes to styles, colors, shapes, etc. Both low and high-waisted swimsuits are suitable.

Another benefit to wearing plus-size maternity bathing suits is that there is more room for the belly. The fabric will stretch no matter how big your bump gets, so no woman will feel self-conscious. The fabric shouldn’t feel tight around your bump, so plus-size maternity outfits are functional when it comes to breathing room.

Plus-size maternity swimsuits also support a woman’s bust while she’s in the water. High-quality maternity swimsuits have adjustable and elastic cups that can fit a growing bust. Even if you are in the first trimester and not showing quite as much yet, a maternity swimsuit will cover up all the faulty areas on your body.

Finally, another benefit to maternity swimwear for plus-sized women is that they are very easy to wear. A maternity swimsuit should not feel heavy or tight around the body but feather-like.

Know Different Types of Plus Size Maternity Swimwear

An hourglass plus-sized body looks great in any maternity swimwear. However, there are a few types of plus-size maternity swimsuits that can have you looking and feeling your best.

The usual plus-size maternity bathing suits come just like other swimming costumes. Those are the one-piece, bikini, and retro tankini:

Two-piece, Bikini

pregnant woman wearing swimsuit

A two-piece bikini is the best choice since you won’t have to worry much about bump comfortability or room, as your belly will have all the room in the world. A two-piece allows your belly to be wide open and exposed to the sun. You get lots of vitamin D from sun exposure, and that’s good for your baby.

One-piece, Monokini

If a bikini is a little too much “out of the comfort zone,” try the one-piece monokini. The monokini can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. The one-piece bathing suit can be strapless or sleeved.

All plus-size maternity swimwear should have padding on the bust area. The right monokini should also not be tight around the leg hole area, as well as the crotch.

A perfect monokini will have straps that can be tied in the back. The backside area should also be on the looser side, especially around the booty.


A tankini is one of the most flattering maternity swimsuits a plus-size woman can wear. Not only does it give your upper body a favorable silhouette, but it can also match all kinds of bottoms.

A tankini is usually a tank top that can be either body-hugging or flowy. The retro tankini is super stretchy and will cover up your growing bump.

The perfect fit to wear to your babymoon, the tankini will keep your bump protected from the sun. The tankini’s fabric is usually very loose and fast-drying, so it won’t stick to your belly. It’s basically a sustainable swimwear dress.

Top 3 Best Selling Plus Size Maternity Swimsuits

You can find the best plus-size maternity items on Amazon. They have a great return guarantee in the first 30 days, and the prices are not bad either.

Note: When going through pregnancy, always order a size (or two) up!

Check out a few of our top picks for different types of swimsuits to make you one hot mamma!

1) Summer Mae

An attractive two-piece, the Summer Mae maternity bikini fits every mother-to-be perfectly. The top is styled with a floral or leopard print, giving you plenty of room for your bust. The top is also ruffled, which means that it won’t irritate your chest area.

Besides having ruffled straps, the top also has removable pads. This means you can remove or add the pads depending on the growing chest size. Because of the ruffled fabric, it’s super comfortable for both curvy and non-curvy pregnant ladies. The Summer Mae also has numerous patterns and colors to choose from, which is unusual for maternity swimwear.

Suitable for young moms who like to wear a little color, the Summer Mae is cozy yet sexy. Whether it’s on a cruise or just lounging by the pool, the Summer Mae bikini is enough to leave anyone who sees it at a loss for words.

Materials Used: Nylon, spandex, polyester

Machine Washable: Hand-wash only

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Design: Floral, snake, leopard print

2) Tempotrek

If you are looking for something that covers up but still leaves a little to the imagination, check out Tempotrek. This one-piece has a deep cleavage area that flatters the bosom while allowing a lot of breathable space.

Tempotrek is available in a variety of patterns and colors, but the best suiting is the one in black. Not only does it flatter the figure, but it also supports the belly. The fabric is super stretchy and shiny, body-safe, and very comfortable.

Although the fabric is shiny, you don’t have to worry about any slip-ups while in the water. The Tempotrek is completely non-see-through, so you can get wet all you want. The amazing part of this one-piece is that you can adjust the cross-shoulder straps however you like, so you can wear them during and after pregnancy. But, since the swimsuit is body-hugging, we suggest you order a size up, so it’s not too tight.

Materials Used: Nylon and spandex

Machine Washable: Hand-wash only

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Design: Black, floral, yellow, green, pink

3) East Elegant

There’s nothing classier than a floral one-piece. The East Elegant is a swimsuit made specifically for plus-size pregnant women. Besides being super breathable and soft, the East Elegant is very elastic. This means that you can wear it during each pregnancy semester, and the bathing suit will fit just fine. There’s a cheeky v-neck design on the front, and the closure is done through a pull-back. This means that even your back looks sexy.

East Elegant is known for its high-quality materials, and this one-piece will surely make you shine wherever you go. Suitable for the spa, beach, or poolside, the East Elegant swimsuit knows what to conceal and what to show.

Materials Used: Nylon, elastane, polyester lining

Machine Washable: Yes

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Design: Black and blue with floral prints


Pregnancy is hard enough by itself without you having to choose the right bathing suit. Trying on different outfits can be tiresome, but when you find that perfect match, you will be much happier and more confident. No matter what, a pregnant lady is supposed to feel beautiful, so make sure to choose swimwear that you feel comfortable in.

Whether it’s a monokini, bikini, or tankini, as long as it supports the bust and belly, you are good to go!


question marks

1) Which is the best maternity swimwear for plus-size women?

An expecting mother should wear a bathing suit that’s loose – a tankini would do just fine.

2) What materials are used to make a maternity swimsuit?

The usual materials used for maternity swimsuits are lycra, nylon, spandex and polyester lining.

3) How to know which size maternity swimsuit best suits my body?

To know the right fit, you must try the bikini on first and establish whether it fits comfortably. If you feel tightness around any area, you should size up.

4) What things do I need to consider while buying maternity swimwear?

Always consider the material, the adjustable straps, and the comfortable bust and bump area.