High-Waisted Swimsuits for Tweens

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  • Bathing suits with a high waist look good on everyone, regardless of size
  • They are a two-piece swimwear that is recognizable through the pulled-up bottoms
  • They are the best bathing suits for tweens and their rapidly-changing bodies
  • They are easy to wear, style, combine, accessorize, and order
  • They are the best choice for tweens because they are modest and easy to fit in

The tweenhood is the period in your life when you experiment most with style. Your body’s at a stage when you still haven’t hit puberty yet, but you don’t look like a child either. So, it’s crucial to know what pieces would flatter one’s body the most – the high-waist look being one of them.

From rocking it in the 90s to matching it with crop tops in the 2010s, a high-waisted bikini or jeans is a classic look. Besides making everybody look super-flattering, high-waisted swimsuits are iconic for many reasons. A high-waisted bikini can make anyone look like a supermodel by hugging the body and accentuating the curves.

If you or your child is at the sensitive preteen age of 9 to 12 and getting ready for summer shopping, give this article a read. Skip shuffling from store to store because we will help you find your perfect match and size!

What Are High-waisted Swimsuits?

girl wearing swimsuit by the pool

High-waisted swimsuits are making a comeback, and for a very good reason. A high-waisted swimsuit is usually a two-piece bikini with a bottom stretching to the middle of the belly. They were popular back in the 50s, 70s, and 90s, and they are great for covering critical areas while emphasizing curves.

A high-waisted bikini is suitable for women of all sizes, but it flatters plus-size women the most. It gives you that long-searched-for hourglass figure and gives off a fashionable retro vibe. Besides offering coverage in the tummy area, a high-waisted bikini is static. This means no slip-ups, no matter how much beach volleyball you play. A high waist also slims and smooths the hips, giving you much more confidence while frolicking in the water.

The fabric on a high-waisted swimsuit is usually stretchy. This means that no matter your size, the swimsuit will hug your body perfectly. This is great news for expecting mothers who look everywhere for the right maternity swimsuit for plus-size women. A high waist will warm and support the belly while swimming in the waters.

A high waist makes any woman look extra feminine.

Apart from looking awesome on every lady, a high waist is very versatile. You can combine the bottoms with any kind of top you want. They look good with strapless and adjustable tops, triangles, cups, tankinis, high necks, strings, and crop tops.

This is why the high-waisted look became the bathing suit trend, and it looks like it will stay that way in 2023!

Can High-waisted Swimsuits Be for Tweens?

A high-waisted bikini is suitable for adults and juniors alike. It’s covering, stylish, and available in many sizes. This makes the high-waisted bikini perfect for tweens as well.

Tweens come in many shapes or sizes, so what could look good on a 12-year-old may not be fitting for a ten-year-old. Usually, a 12-year-old will wear a bottom that’s a size 30, while a ten-year-old fits best in sizes 28-29.

If you don’t know what your or your child’s swimsuit size is, you can always check out a swimsuit size chart for women. A small difference, but it’s noticeable in the leg and crotch area.

There are numerous high-waisted bikini styles that tweens can choose from. From a tankini to a tube top, a high-waisted bikini can be mixed and matched with anything. They come in a variety of colors, textures and styles, making them perfect for the wide imagination of a tween. They are also usually at a lower price.

High-waisted swimming costumes are great for tweens because they are also modest. They cover up the critical area, and the tween looks and feels comfortable in them. The only downside to a high-waisted swimsuit is the tan lines. But who cares about tan lines when you are playing frisbee on the beach?

Perks of Wearing a High-Waisted Swimsuit

girl by the pool

A high-waisted bikini is one of the most sustainable swimwear outfits juniors and women can wear. Besides covering up areas that you don’t want to be seen and making you look fashionable and attractive at the same time, there are other benefits to a high-waisted swimsuit:

It Remains an Iconic Look for Decades

Many different types of swimsuits for ladies have graced the covers of magazines. But one style has remained recognizable throughout the years: the high-waisted bikini. Everyone knows the iconic Marylin Monroe beach photoshoot, and this sort of high-waisted bikini was in everyone’s cart in the 50s. The look is symbolic because it gives every woman a sense of elegance, even when barefaced and wet at the beach.

Besides being reminiscent of a specific era, a high-waisted bikini looks good every summer. It gives women the ability to look fashionable and chic.

High-waisted Bikinis Are Easy to Accessorize

You can make any high-waisted bikini pop more by adding accessories. No matter the price, you can add different chains to your bottoms and give them a rocker look. If you want to go the extra mile and look like a 50s model, you can combine them with oversized glasses and a headscarf.

You don’t have to make numerous orders for new headscarves or sunglasses. You can style your bottoms with what you already have at home

Complete the high-waist bikini with these, and you will have one outstanding, classy, and vintage look. It’s minimal effort, and you will look like a true model regardless of size or age.

Options, Options and More Options

High-waisted bikinis come in all sorts of styles and price points. You might know the usual black or white bottoms you can pull up to cover your tummy, but there are plenty available for you to choose from. This includes an array of different cuts, patterns, colors, textures, and sizes.

For instance, if you are on the slimmer side, you would look great in a low-rise high waist. Extra high-rise bikini bottoms are suitable for plus-size women.

Because high-waisted bikinis are trendy now, you can find them just a click away. There are also many curbside pickup services that bring your delivery to the store. So, if something doesn’t fit in the store, they can bring you the right size in no time.

They Are Easy to Combine With Other Tops

A high-waisted bikini is super versatile. If you get bored of wearing the same old one, you can always combine it with other tops. A high-waisted bikini isn’t just for one summer – you can match the bottoms with other tops as well. A high-waisted bottom serves double duty, so if you have a black bottom, you can wear a white or another colorful top.

If you have a one-piece high-waisted swimsuit, you can use the top as a shirt. This means you can combine it with various skirts and shorts and still pull out a very fashionable look.

Convenience While Shopping

girls doing online shopping

Whether it’s for juniors or seniors, there are tons of high-waisted bikini orders online. They are very easy to look for, and all you need is your correct size and measurements. So, if a bottom is a perfect fit, but the top is loose or tight, you can email or talk face-to-face with the retailer, and they will order the right size.

If you are not much of a store shopper, almost every retailer ships online nowadays. So, if you like something that you saw online, you can always reach out to customer service for questions about the delivery. Some orders may offer free shipping and accept gift cards as long as you are completely happy with the purchase.

Final Thoughts

A high-waisted bikini never gets out of style and is the perfect swimsuit you can wear every summer. Easy to combine and order, a high-waist bikini looks good on any woman, no matter the size. Suitable for tweens, children, middle-aged or plus-size women, you can never go wrong with a high-waist bikini.

So, don’t wear the usual boring two-piece this summer and add a little chic to the beach with a high-waist swimsuit!


1) What kind of swimsuit should a chubby girl wear?

The best suitable swimsuits for chubby girls are one-pieces or high-waist bikinis.

2) Is it better for a swimsuit to be tight or loose?

A swimsuit should be loose but not too loose. This way, you get breathing room, and you can wear it for years.

3) What to do if a swimsuit has no padding?

If you don’t have padding in your swimsuit, you can always add cups that mold the chest area.

4) Which type of swimsuit is best for tweens?

Tweens look best in one-piece or high-waist swimsuits.