Clutter-free Life: Keeping Your Life Organized and Clean

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Our lives can be quite messy as we grow older. More responsibilities can contribute to the mess, and sometimes we don’t know where to start. Moreover, clutter can contribute to the mess you already have, further pushing your mental health to dangerous levels.

One thing that a messy life can exacerbate is stress. We already don’t like stress, and we certainly won’t like it when it gets worse.

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Stress and Clutter

Stress can be pretty good in life. Stress can teach us to be prepared and ready for whatever comes, and it can keep us stimulated for long periods. However, sometimes stress can be a bad thing.

Too much stress can lead to anxiety and depression. In some situations, people who are badly stressed can even develop trauma. Stress can come in all forms, but one of the major forms of stress (that we don’t even notice) is clutter.

You might not have realized this, but clutter is prevalent in a messy life. It’s usually a significant indicator of someone who’s very stressed or someone who’s currently having a stressful time in their life. This is why removing this clutter is one of the best ways to reduce stress, and preventing it from coming back ensures that you can live a stress-free life.

The very first step into decluttering is assessing your situation.


Assessing your situation can help ground you where you are right now. Sometimes stress can get into your head, and you might not know your surroundings have changed. Furthermore, you might not be aware that you can’t maintain the place you live in right now.

When assessing, the first thing you should think about is whether you can continue maintaining the place where you live right now. Next, ask yourself, is the place easy to clean? Finally, can you fully clean the place two to three times a week? If your answer to these questions is no, then it might be time to look for a place that’s easier to keep clean.

Sometimes, clutter piling up in your home or apartment isn’t your fault. Instead, this can be a symptom of living far beyond your means. However, once you’ve assessed, then it’s time to start decluttering your life.


Start by organizing your place. This requires a few hours to do, so make sure you do this during the weekend or during your free time. Organizing is all about having a place for everything. This is as simple as having a bookshelf for your books and a personalized toothbrush holder for your toothbrush.

However, these are things that you want to be out for display. For items that you want to keep away from people’s reach or simply something that you won’t be using anytime soon, big plastic containers can store many things. It’s time to invest in one and place everything you don’t need inside them; then, put them in the attic.

Invest in Storage Space

If your home has too much furniture or items you don’t need and a bunch of plastic containers can’t contain them, then it’s time that you invest in storage space. Investing in a storage space is great for decluttering because you know that the items you don’t need right now have a place to go. If you have enough funds for it, you should consider having an extra room in your place. This can be great for storing all sorts of items you don’t need at the moment.

Sometimes, we don’t want some of these things to go because of their sentimental value or because we can still use them at some point in our lives. However, it’s time to sell or give them away for things you won’t ever use.

Sell or Give Away Items You Don’t Need

Selling and giving away items you don’t need is the best way to reduce clutter in your home. It can help you gain a profit or help other people in need. Moreover, it gives you some needed space in your home. However, if you’re having problems getting rid of items you don’t need, then you might need help from a psychologist.

Hoarding items you won’t ever use is a symptom of hoarding disorder. Having a hard time letting them go is another symptom of the disorder. If you’re experiencing these things and have a hard time letting these thoughts go, then you might have to visit a mental health professional.

Clutter can be a serious concern for people who can’t get rid of it. It can also cause concern for those who want to live a stress-free life. However, decluttering is simple, and all you need is to give yourself the time and day for it.