Consideration Before Deciding to Become an Influencer

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It is possible that you are reading this article because the idea of becoming an influencer has crossed your mind. You may have already started to think about how much money could be made, what kind of products you would endorse, and who might want to work with you. But before making a decision on whether or not to become an influencer, it’s important to ask yourself these crucial questions that can make or break your dream.

influencer marketing concept: girl using a digital generated phone with influencer portfolio on the screen.

1. What are your motives for wanting to become an influencer?

In this industry, your motives for becoming an influencer have to be completely pure. If you become an influencer hoping to use it as a stepping stone in order to get closer to your dream career (i.e., acting, modeling, etc.), but you show no interest in the product or service that you are promoting, people will see it. And if you do get big enough, people will notice it too.

You have to be sure of what you want because an influencer is different from a celebrity. Celebrities did not just appear out of thin air (and neither did influencers). Both started at the bottom and worked their way up to where they are now, but celebrities gained wider recognition through their strategic efforts. This is something that many people don’t realize, so it’s important that you understand this fact before moving forward with your decision.

2. How much time do you actually have?

If you are too busy, you cannot become an influencer. This is something that people love to ignore because becoming famous seems easy when there are so many other people trying for the same thing. But being famous takes a lot of hard work and it requires commitment. If you don’t have the time (and the patience) to consistently post content, meet deadlines, and take good photos, then you probably should not do it.

3. Who will help you get to that status?

If you try to do it alone, your chances of being successful are slim. You have to consider who will be by your side every step of the way because an influencer needs a lot of help. You can’t do everything yourself so you need someone who is willing to work with you and motivate you. Reposting pictures won’t get you anywhere.

If you have enough money to hire a team of qualified individuals like a PR communications company, a publicist, and a trusted manager, then go for it because having the right people by your side will increase your chances of being ridiculously successful. But if you don’t have the money, you have to be prepared for what’s coming your way. It’s not impossible but it definitely won’t be easy.

4. What content will you be posting and on what platform?

Not all influencers use the same platform, but it’s important to understand what will work with your target audience and for the content that you plan to create. For example, a fashion blogger might choose Instagram over Twitter because of the visual nature of their posts. Be smart about what you post and where you post it.

5. Who is your target audience and do they even follow influencers?

Just because you have a lot of followers on social media doesn’t mean that your target audience is following you. Your content and the way that you interact with others will be more influential than anything else, so it’s important to understand who follows other influencers in your space. If the people who would appreciate your content are not following anyone like you, then it would be a waste of your time to become an influencer.

6. Will you be honest?

Honesty is one of those things that may not seem as important as the other information but it’s actually very significant. If your content isn’t honest, people will see through it and this can seriously damage your reputation — even if it was unintentional. You also have to think about how much of your personal life you will reveal to the public as this can feel pretty invasive and even dangerous at times.

7. Do you have thick skin?

You need to be able to handle the negative comments that will inevitably come your way if you become an influencer. You might think that they aren’t a big deal but they can affect your perception of yourself and this is something that you cannot afford. You have to be strong and think of this as an opportunity to grow instead of letting it bring you down.

Being an influencer can be extremely rewarding but it’s not for everyone. Make sure that you know exactly what will come with this profession before making your final decision! Asking yourself the right questions may help you determine if becoming an influencer is what you really want or if there’s something else out there for you. While the lifestyle definitely has its perks, being an influencer will always be a challenging career option.