How to Help Teenagers Maintain Proper Hygiene

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Teenagers should maintain good hygiene practices. It is important for them to develop healthy habits at a young age so that they can carry these habits with them into adulthood. Your role should be to help them develop these good hygiene habits and to ensure that they are practicing them all the time. Here are 13 ways to make a difference in their hygiene.

1. Lead by example

If you want your teenager to maintain good hygiene habits, you need to set an example for them. Show them that you care about your hygiene and that you prioritize it in your life. This will encourage them to do the same. You want them to see how you maintain your own hygiene at home, from showering every day to brushing your teeth after your meals. Don’t just demand that they do something if you don’t practice them yourself.

2. Help them find their personal grooming routine

Every teenager is different and will have their own personal grooming routine. Help them find the routine that works best for them and that they are comfortable with. This may involve trying a few different things before finding the right one. Some teenagers are too busy with homework after getting back home from school. You may suggest that they shower in the morning so that they have time to relax at night. Other teenagers may prefer to shower at night so they can start their day fresh.

3. Encourage them to shower regularly

Showering is one of the most important aspects of good hygiene but many teenagers neglect this task. Encourage your teenager to shower at least once a day and preferably more often if they are active. You want them to stay clean and free from body odor as most teens are smelly and sweaty all the time. The more showers they take, the less likely they are to smell bad.

4. Teach them how to bathe properly

Along with showering regularly, it is important for teenagers to learn how to bathe properly. Teach them the right way to scrub their body, wash their hair, and rinse off all the soap. You also want to emphasize the importance of properly washing their armpits, buttocks, and groin area as these are the areas where bacteria and sweat accumulate the most.


5. Help them choose the right soap

Not all soaps will benefit everyone’s skin. Help your teenager choose a soap that is best suited for their skin type and that will be effective in cleaning them. There are many different types of soaps available from anti-bacterial to anti-acne so they should be able to find one that will help them as their body changes. Additionally, encourage them to use the right shampoo and conditioner for their hair.

6. Encourage them to brush their teeth regularly

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for your oral hygiene. Encourage your teenager to brush their teeth at least twice a day, and preferably after every meal. This will help keep their teeth healthy and free from cavities. While you’re at it, schedule them for regular appointments in your local dentist office to ensure that their dental health is fine.

7. Teach them how to wash their own clothes

One of the responsibilities of being a teenager is learning how to wash your own clothes. Teach them how to sort their clothes by color and fabric, how to use the right amount of soap, and how to rinse them properly. This will help keep their clothes looking new for longer and avoid finishing laundry with clothes that are still smelly or dirty.

8. Introduce them to deodorant

Most teenagers need to start using deodorant at some point in their lives. Help them find a type of deodorant that works best for them and that they are comfortable using. There are many different types of deodorants available, so your teenager should be able to find one that fits their needs. Some deodorants are designed for sports, others are designed for everyday use, and others are designed for people with sensitive skin.

9. Encourage them to wear clean clothes

One of the easiest ways to stay clean is to wear clean clothes. Encourage your teenager to change their clothes regularly, especially if they have been sweating or playing a sport. Dirty clothes can cause bacteria to grow and lead to bad body odor. It is also important to wear clean underwear and socks every day to avoid bacteria and fungus from growing.

10. Talk to them about maintaining their private parts

The last but certainly not least important aspect of hygiene is maintaining their private parts. This includes washing their genitals regularly, trimming their pubic hair, and using good-quality soap or wipes to clean the area. Teach them that it is important to keep their private parts clean in order to avoid odor and infection.

Hygiene is an important part of a teenager’s life and it is up to parents to help teach them the right way to stay clean. Follow these tips to help your teenager maintain proper hygiene and stay healthy and odor-free.