How to Make Your Wedding Photography and Videography Business Stand Out

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You may have already finished your photography and videography courses. This time, you wanted to venture into something that can profit you using the skills you learned. You thought that wedding photography and videography services would be a good idea. While you may have the potential to earn as much as you want, be reminded that this industry is crowded.

There’s indeed a lot of weddings happening every year. But keep in mind that some of those are weddings that aren’t grand. Maybe some are just spur of the moment, Vegas-type unions that don’t need services like the ones you offer, not to mention the amount of more established wedding photography and videography services. People may recommend them to friends rather than checking your services out. This is true, especially for those who are new in the game.

The only way to thrive in this business is for you to stand out. But how do you do that? Here are some tips for beginners who want to pursue this career and profit from their skills.

Invest in a drone

This isn’t relevantly new. But a few years ago, we’ve seen a lot of videographers doing drone shots. The bird’s-eye view has astonished a lot of people. Because of this, photographers and videographers have found a way to profit from it. They integrated this type of shot into their services. Wedding photographers and videographers have used the technique too. They included it in their services and packages. A beautiful shot of the couple paired with a bird’s-eye view of breathtaking scenery already sounds amazing on paper. What more if you could apply that in real-life videography? That’s something clients would want to see materialize. Capturing moments in the best way possible is one of the most effective selling points for wedding photography and videography services.

Market your work online

As you already know, the internet is one of the leading platforms for marketing nowadays. Most firms and businesses are getting online to take a dip into the digital marketing game. From Facebook ads to product websites, their abundance clearly indicates that marketing has gone mostly digital. It would mean a lot for your business to get it online and market it effectively. The collection of your work online will serve as your digital portfolio. You have to make an impression on potential clients. Choose the best pieces from all your work. Make a collage of your photography. Use a plugin for Final Cut Pro and make a video exhibition of your works. You got to have to display your expertise in photography and videography online. Do it by showing people the most priceless works you’ve done.

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Experiment with same-day editing

You’ve mastered the art of photography and videography, and it’s great. But how do you do when it comes to post-production? You may know the basics. However, the industry always finds ways to challenge innovation. Same-day edits are services that can entice wedding photography and videography clients. Imagine having to see the wedding film you starred in right after the wedding you’ve been in. That alone can make you sell your photography and videography services. While this sounds like a viable selling point, you may need to learn techniques for doing post-production faster. You can take courses online to master fast editing using the software of your choice. If you’re going to compete with other wedding photography and videography services, you might as well have a service that they also offer. But do it better than them.

Tweak themes and concepts

If you’re also planning on doing pre-wedding photography and videography, be innovative. A lot of pre-nuptial photos and films use the same old tropes. These are themes that involve couples running on lush fields, showing their engagement rings on their fingers while kissing in the background, and many more cliche themes that have been overused. Stay away from these ideas and think of other concepts that haven’t been used before. Or perhaps, themes that people don’t use frequently. Your concepts should be a breath of fresh air. Not something people have seen a thousand times because of the amount of recycling they have gone through.

Match cost with quality

Wedding expenses aren’t a joke. Couples who want it grand will have to shell out a lot if they want to make it one of the best moments of their lives as a couple. Reports say that the average cost in 2021 was $22,500. If you’re offering your photography and videography services, you must show that it’s worth their money. Preserving this special moment for a couple’s life should be executed very well. You would want to make sure that you’re giving the service your clients deserve.

Wedding photography and videography aren’t just simple services. They are services responsible for preserving a celebration. If you want to play that role for other people, you better do your best. Your service should be known for its good quality. That’s how you’ll be able to stand out from the rest.