4 Common Problems When Moving Into a New House

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Moving into a new house can be a stressful experience even though you are prepared for the whole process. Things may go smoothly at first, and you may not even experience major issues, but there’s always a possibility of common problems. Residential moving is considered one of the most stressful things in life because many things can happen along the way.

That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared for the most common adverse events during the moving in process. Preparing is vital so that you can respond quickly to each stressful situation, which might cause delays. In general, adequate preparation equates to a hassle-free and successful moving process.

Listed below are the top issues when moving into a new home and how to solve them accordingly.

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Lack of Time

One issue that can potentially ruin your moving in plans is the lack of time. It’s when you feel like you don’t have enough time to finish everything, from packing, actual moving to unboxing.

Some problems can be more significant than others. For instance, some people didn’t have the time to change their address before moving out, while others failed to pack their stuff the day before the scheduled day. Both are problems caused by the lack of time, but not being able to pack up is worse. The truth is you can change your postal address right after you move into a new home, but you can’t move into a new home if you haven’t packed your things.

Solution: Adequate planning is the only solution here. It would be best if you were organized to ensure that everything’s in order. Create a checklist of things to do so that you won’t miss out on a thing, and if possible, make this checklist at least a month before you move out.

Property Damage

Problems with the property (either the one you’re moving out of or your new place) are pretty standard. Property damage is a severe problem that you need to resolve at all costs. Why? It is because any neglected damage can cause more damage in the future which can cost you even more.

Solution: Inspect your old home before moving out. Make sure to take photos or videos of rooms and all areas. If you fixed a specific place in the house, make sure to have a before and after shot to show to the new homeowners or the landowner. Meanwhile, inspect your new home before moving in. Ensure that there is no damage that may cause you a headache. While the home interior design expert will ultimately see minor and major damage, seeing it for yourself would still be ideal.

Unreliable Movers

The worst problem is when the issue id does not even start with you. It’s when the movers you hired are unprofessional and unreliable, causing extreme delays. Sadly, some movers are rude, and most of them don’t even know how to handle things with care. As a result, they damage many of your items. So what can you do about this?


  1. Don’t make a deal with one mover just yet.
  2. A few weeks before you move out, get a quotation from at least three to four moving companies and find out as much as you can about them.
  3. Check their social media feedback to see if their past customers were happy about their services.


At first, you might think that over-packing isn’t a big problem at all. After all, you boxed up your things intending to take them all to your new home—isn’t that the main objective of packing?

However, do you really need everything? Over-packing can turn into problematic situations that may result in more problems, such as:

  • The more stuff you pack and move, the higher the moving price will be.
  • Packing things that you may never even use again means wasting time.
  • You might have enough storage for your items, especially if your new home is smaller than your old home.

Solution: Be sensible and pack only what you need. It may feel hard to let go of some of your things at first, but you will eventually feel thankful you did the right thing. Besides, a house move is an excellent opportunity to declutter and start a new life with a minimalist approach.

You may encounter many other problems while moving into a new home. But you can avoid many of these problems if you plan your move ahead of time. Ask your friends and family for help, so you don’t have to pack your things alone, and most importantly, find a reliable moving company that can help you move your stuff from your old home to the new one.