Women: Changes to Expect While Aging

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Aging can sometimes be a difficult process to accept both for men and women, but it is an inevitable process that each person will undergo at some point in life. In women, aging can be especially devastating. For years, society pressured women to conform to a certain standard that encompasses physical appearance, attitudes, and even overall mentality. This leads to their body image being in constant abuse and is further aggravated when signs of old age start to set in.

But aging is natural, so it must be accepted fully. Changes will come and must be anticipated to regulate the unpleasant effects they can have on you. Many of them are visible, but others have to be observed with medical equipment by a professional to find any arising issue. To help you look for any signs of health problems, here are some bodily changes to expect as you get older.

Sexual Drive

Men sometimes seek medication and gainswave shockwave treatments to cure their erectile dysfunction that arose from aging. On the other hand, women have less obvious ailments regarding their sexual functions. Studies show that the most commonly reported issues are dryness in the genitals, reduced sexual drive leading to less sexual activity, and less frequent orgasms during the act.

Some of these can make sex less enjoyable, so many will avoid engaging in sexual activity during old age. But these are real problems that have to be fully addressed. Your doctor can prescribe certain drugs or treatments to help your case. Talking about these problems with your partner is also important as they can provide you with support and reassurance while going through the conditions.

Hair and Skin

Some of the most noticeable changes you will see in yourself are your skin and hair. Some women will find gray hairs sprouting on their heads, but some will see thinning or loss of hair which can be quite scary for many. Although this should not be a cause of concern medically, sudden or significant thinning or hair loss should be checked by your doctor to see other underlying problems.

On the other hand, the skin will also tend to sag, become thinner and translucent, and produce pigmented spots dotting different parts of the body. Maintaining your skin healthy involves spending less time under the sun, wearing protective clothing, and applying moisturizers and sunscreen as needed.



You will feel like your bones and joints are deteriorating. Aging can make your bones more brittle, increasing the risk of injuries while engaging in your everyday activities. Osteoporosis is a common condition that makes you unable to do certain things that you like. But this can also translate into shrinkage, where you find that you lost a couple of inches in your height. Exercise, good food, medical support, and prescribed supplements should help.

Body Shape

Fluctuation of your body shape can be more severe as you approach a certain age. Many will see weight changes that go to the extremes, either becoming over or underweight. Depending on your lifestyle, you may find it difficult to counter these changes because of many uncontrollable factors. Losing weight can largely be caused by atrophy, where you start losing cells that are not replaced as quickly as before.

On the other hand, gaining weight is not as common, mostly caused by your health choices as you age. Of course, you can still try to get back into shape by giving more attention to what you eat and keeping up enough exercise regularly.

Mental Health

Some people over the age of 40 start developing mental health problems like depression. They need to seek help from professionals because worsening mental health is linked to other serious forms of physical diseases.

A regular checkup should help catch the symptoms early, giving them better chances to be rehabilitated fully. Support from family and friends is also a crucial part of recovery. Love and warmth are needed to give them strength as they struggle to keep everything in their life in order.

Although there are plenty more changes that can be scary as you age, you must be more comfortable in your skin as time goes by. Keeping yourself healthy should be your top priority, but enjoying your time with friends and family should come as the close second.

No matter how much your body changes, you should remember that you are human, and everything that’s happening is natural. Do not be ashamed about aging because it signifies you are surviving the many ups and downs in life. Wear it proud and show other women that aging can be beautiful compared to how some people paint it as a bad thing.