Keeping House Clean with Kids Around: What Should You Do?

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If you are a new mom, you must be having sleepless nights already. To add to your woes, you must maintain cleanliness and waste disposal. Each of you has messed up the place yourself at some point or the other. So, there is no point in blaming your little ones.

Being stressed will not help but only add to the problem. You can try manually picking up toys and putting them in the basket. And a daily scrubbing may also help. However, if you want to know in detail about all the facets of maintaining your home with kids around, read on.

Here are a few tips for you.

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Keep the Toys in the Children’s Room

This is a first and one of the noteworthy tips. You should keep toys away from the main living area. If any guests happen to enter the place, they will be in a state of shock to see the mess. The basement can also help in storage. If you have kids who do not listen, you can keep a cupboard or a storage basket that doubles up as a seater. You can clean up the place when you get any inkling that some guest would visit you.

That way, it will be a huge relief for you. If you have a bookshelf in the living area, you can keep some neutral-colored boxes that go with the decor. That way, they will not seem out of place.

Switch on Nursery Rhymes

Little ones are exceptionally playful, and most love to dance to music. You can switch on some nursery rhymes on your smartphone or laptop. These are times when you may be out of breath, with all the other chores you have to attend to. Do not make it a habit, though. Longer screen times can be bad for a child’s development. But, if there is no way out, and you are out of steam, plopping them in front of some carton channels is a great idea. That way, they would not mess up the place with their toys and colors.

Install a Large Dustbin

If you think about where to get one, don’t worry. Help is at hand. Most community cleaning services can help you to get dumpsters for rent. These are nothing but large metal containers that can hold gallons of waste and get them recycled. Moreover, you do not need to move them. You can ask the company to take it off daily or weekly. They attach the levers with prongs onto the back of the truck and take them away, just like trailers.

Since you are a mommy with small kids, this should lessen some of your woes. You must be having loads of diapers to dispose of daily. And some might also contain stools. The combination of stools, some puke, and urine may not be a good thing in your house dustbins. It can also attract bacteria and flies. So, getting one of these is a great idea. And your house remains clean and free from germs.

Engage Your Kids in Cleaning

This indeed is a great trick. Play some innovative games with your kids. And cleaning should be one of them. That way, they will learn the value of cleanliness and tidiness. Ask them to help you. Most kids today love to emulate their moms. If you have been cleaning and mopping around in front of them, they might pick it up.

You can also teach them to pick up their toys after playtime and put them in the storage basket. This can be a pleasant activity that will enhance their motor and cognitive skills. If there is another kid around, you can even distribute the work.

Clean the Tubs Regularly

This is another chore, that if not attended to, can create a mess. Must you be giving a bath to your little one in inflatable tubs or plastic ones? But you also have to ensure that you are cleaning them and keeping them dry. Otherwise, you will find them filled with grime and dirt after some days.

Since you would be using soap and bubbles to bathe your kids, the tubs will be the worst sufferers in the long run. They will have some soapy residues sticking at the base. And you might find the material deteriorating in some time. So, every day after a bath, you should clean the tub and leave it in the open. Do not leave tasks for later.

These are a few tips for mothers of all young ones and toddlers. Try out more by creating a cleaning schedule. Then, you never have to bother again. And you can devote that extra cleaning time to play with your kids.