Making Modern Women Understand Self-care

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These difficult times during the pandemic and even in the new normal have sometimes led to us neglecting our mental and physical health. Juggling our careers, families, socialization, and other responsibilities can wear you down. It’s important to remember to take steps to take care of your overall well-being. Establishing great habits that keep you both happy and healthy is vital to surviving the new normal. Whether you’re a career woman who’s constantly in meetings all day or a stay-at-home mom that’s adapting to the new child care responsibilities, take the time to do something for yourself. You can’t give from an empty cup.

There are so many simple ways that you can set up a routine that keeps your mind clear, your energy up, and your attitude positive. These are just some of the ways you can take care of yourself in the new normal.


The very first thing on the list is to make sure that you’re getting enough rest. It can be easy to neglect our body’s need for sleep when there are so many other things that we could be doing instead of going to bed at a decent hour. However, a lack of sleep can affect not just your physical health but also your mind. It’s vital to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night to make sure you’re giving your body the time off it needs. Rest also means not overworking yourself. Working from home can blur the boundaries of time meant to be productive and time meant for you to unwind from a hectic day.

Eating healthy

Proper nourishment for your body means making sure you’re eating whole foods that incorporate all the vitamins and nutrients you need for a balanced diet. Admittedly, cooking healthy meals every day takes significantly more time and effort compared to ordering out, but your body will thank you for it. Less processed foods and take-out can clear up skin issues, boost energy, and better your immune system. Having a go-to healthy meal that’s easy to prepare with ingredients that you can stock up on can help keep you from getting fast food instead. Vitamins are another thing to factor in, especially for those with certain deficiencies. Some companies now provide you with tailor-made vitamin packages and even liquid vitamin manufacturers that allow you to mix your vitamins in with your morning coffee or smoothie.


Physical fitness is another factor that plays a significant role in how we feel. Even if it’s just simple body weight exercises or going to the gym, make sure to incorporate movement into your routine to keep you fit and healthy. Exercise is also a great way to work off your stress and clear your mind.


Do something you love. Listen to your favorite music or pick up a new book you’ve wanted to read. Engage in activities that bring you joy, and let yourself take some time off from your responsibilities for a bit. Constantly being productive can lead to you burning out, so make sure you’re still taking time out of your day to focus on things you love doing. Enjoying your time off can also mean spending quality time with your loved ones engaging in meaningful conversations, and bonding over shared activities. You can play a board game with your family or spend time with your friends just catching up. Either way making new happy memories is never a bad thing to do.



As women are appearance plays a large role in how we feel about ourselves. Taking care of your skin is an excellent treat for yourself to boost your morale and bring you more positive energy. Take a long hot bath, put on relaxing lavender-scented body butter, and rejoice in how good your skin feels. Put on a sheet mask once or twice a week and see how your skin becomes smooth and supple. Little things throughout the week that you do make an impact on your everyday morale.


Perhaps the least obvious, but it’s important to check in on yourself and your feelings in such unsure times. Keeping a journal and jotting down some of the thoughts in your head can help you sort through them and reflect on the new changes or hurdles you’re struggling with. Keeping a journal also keeps you aware and present in your day-to-day activities and doesn’t let the week get away from you without you knowing it. It’s a practice that helps relieve stress and anxiety that you can do in your spare time.

Whether you choose to Incorporate just a few or all of these, putting yourself and your needs first doesn’t make you selfish or self-centered. Taking care of ourselves is the first step to taking care of others and being a productive part of the family and society.