Single and Living Alone? No Problem!

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Getting your own place and living on your own is a big step. It brings you to a level of independence that you may not have experienced before, which challenges you to do things far outside of your comfort zone.

Of course, it is a lot of work to live alone. Without roommates, the task of cleaning up the place falls solely on you. You have no one to remind you when it is time to take out the trash or call in the repairman for maintenance on your appliances. Not to mention, living alone is usually more expensive because you do not have anyone to split your monthly bills with.

But don’t be scared off by these responsibilities! Living alone is not all work and no play. It just takes cultivating good habits to allow you to embrace the single life in your home.

Three “Adulting” Habits You Should Have

Living solo is not all bad, but it is not a joke, either. Start with these three simple practices to equip you to live a happy life in your own home.

1. Stay on top of your finances

It is only a good idea to jump into a decision as big as living alone when you have a financial plan to guide you through it. As much as possible, make sure that you have enough money saved for one year of rent before moving into a home by yourself. You will find little time to enjoy the perks of solo living when you are too stressed about paying your dues at the end of the month.

Help yourself by using financial planning apps, such as budget trackers and tax-filing tools. Consult a financial advisor, too, and find the best tax resolution aid to guide you through tax woes and avoid incurring fees that cost you more money.

2. Say no to hoarding

Having your own space means having plenty more room to fill with your stuff, right? Well, wrong, actually.

Living big in your home does not have to mean owning more stuff. You do not need too many things to be satisfied with your life. Stick to the essentials and always think twice or thrice before making a purchase. In the future, you will thank yourself for not giving her a hard time decluttering your place.

If you feel like you are accumulating too many things you don’t need, do not be afraid to give your home a purge. Throw away or give away things that do not “spark joy,” to borrow the words of the wise Marie Kondo. Your home will be roomier, and your heart will also feel lighter.

3. Reject the sedentary lifestyle

When you have no one to tell you to get up off of your butt, the tendency is to just forgo exercising altogether. To solve this, you need a change in mindset. Exercising is not a chore but an excellent method to destress.

Why? Exercising helps your body produce endorphins, which are also known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitters. Think about that powerful, giddy feeling of success you get after a good workout. Exercise is for the health of both your body and mind, and it is time that you see it that way!

Two Tips for Staying Happy

person living alone

Living alone can honestly get lonely sometimes, but these moments of solitude are not to be avoided. There is so much the silence can teach you!

1. Get to know yourself

Being around other people all the time can get in the way of you really understanding yourself. When you spend time alone, you get to focus on your needs and process things without the influence and opinions of the people around you. Good company is important to have, but even well-meaning friends do not have all the answers!

Relish in the time you get to simply be on your own. Slow down and do things you enjoy without worrying about what anyone may think. It is one of the most freeing feelings you can have in this life!

2. Have a spirit of adventure

Once you go over the initial hurdles of living alone, it is easy to sink into your comfort zone again. But complacency keeps you from growing. Always find new things to try, whether it is as small as a new recipe or as big as going out there and dating again.

Be a single woman who is living her best life on her own by feeding the adventurer in you. The world is your oyster, so act like it is.