Seashore graduated from University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a degree in human resources. Her first job was in store management but two and a half years later, in 2001, Seashore joined Bemis Company, Inc. where she worked in compensation and benefits before becoming the global compensation director. In 2014, she completed her executive MBA. A year later, she accepted her current position at Oshkosh Corporation


“After 17 years with my prior employer, I was ready to take on additional responsibilities and ready for a new challenge,” says Seashore. “I literally grew up during my time with Bemis Company and saying goodbye to so many colleagues was difficult, but I was ready to move to a place where no one knew me. I wanted to make a difference, mentor others and learn an entirely new manufacturing organization.”

Oshkosh Corporation has four market segments with 14,000 employees across the globe, approximately 10,000 in the U.S. In May, Oshkosh Corporation will celebrate 100 years in business.


While working in a global role has its challenges, Seashore explains it’s possible by building a strong team, relying on local expertise and leveraging her network. Because of Oshkosh Corporation’s size, her team relies on consultants and vendors to supplement their internal knowledge.


Seashore leads one of the mentoring circles as part of the Corporation’s Oshkosh Women’s Network (OWN), so she’ll often present to groups, talking about her experiences and translating them into what can help others.


She explains much of it is instilling courage into someone so they have the confidence to attack the next big thing, whether that is seeking a promotion or having a critical conversation with someone.



For Seashore, no day is typical. She spends her time in meetings, making decisions, listening, giving advice, coaching, leading, consulting and more.


She has responsibility for five major global human resource (HR) functions: compensation, benefits, HR technology systems, mobility and perquisites. She adds, “When I’m not doing that, I mentor and coach a team of 25 who accomplish all of this work as well as provide an environment for growth and development.”


Working globally requires Seashore to work smart. “You must be quite creative, not only with your time — not everyone is on Central Standard Time — but also with how you drive to a common strategy while providing for local flexibility,” she says.


In addition to designing the strategy to attract and retain talent, Seashore supports the leadership team and Human Resources Committee of the board of directors. As a working mom, life promises to be busy — she does her best to plan and prepare for it. Seashore prioritizes

the demands on her time and has a great support system. Her husband, Chris, has a flexible schedule and takes care of getting their kids, son, Cameron, 9, and twin daughters, Emerson and Ellington, 2, where they need to go.


“As crazy as our life may be, we’ve even found time to start a business that will be launched this summer. It is really my husband’s baby, but I’ll be behind the scenes supporting him,” adds Seashore. The business is called The Social Station. Passengers will go on an adventure through downtown Appleton on a 15-seat MegaCycle that is powered by pedaling.


With a young family and trying to meet job demands, life is sure to get a little chaotic. Seashore reveals there are times when she needs a moment to take care of herself.


“To be the best mom and the best global rewards leader for Oshkosh Corporation, I have to be the best Tina first. I’m a mom, wife, sister,

daughter and professional, but to be the best me I have to spend a little time and rebalance myself,” adds Seashore. “You can’t be great at everything at the same time, so be great in the moment.”



When asked to imagine her future, Seashore aspires to be a Chief HR Officer (CHRO) someday. “To be able to take all my experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly — and build an entire HR team and be its leader makes me giddy,” adds Seashore.


When it comes to the future of her industry, she predicts the upcoming workforce will demand better processes, better technology and more

choices. For now, Seashore will remain focused on leading by example.


“I want to be an example that if you want to be a mom and have a career and travel, it’s up to you to do it,” concludes Seashore. “I also want my kids to see anything is possible.” w



Global Rewards Leader: Tina Seashore


When approaching life, Tina Seashore believes in Audrey Hepburn’s words of wisdom, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.’”


As a human resource professional, wife and mother, Seashore has had to make sacrifices to achieve her goals, but her accomplishments are an inspiration to others.


“There are many women who want to grow in their career and they’ll ask me, ‘How did you do that?’” says Seashore. “I believe it’s all about leveraging your strengths, stepping outside your comfort zone, having good self-awareness, knowing your personal brand and being the best person you can be.”


Seashore is the vice president of global rewards for Oshkosh Corporation. She sets the strategy for how the Corporation attracts and retains talent — how to enhance the employee value proposition through pay, benefits, programs and policies.



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